The Electrolux Combo

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What they're saying about us...

"Armed with honking sax, fuzzy guitar, cheesy organ and assorted cocktails, these guys play raucous R&B instrumentals of the 50s and 60s and Las Vegas Grind-style trash."—Toad

" And good taste is timeless...ya just gotta have this, whether you be hipster-manqué or the sort of superkool chianti-chugging finger-poppin' kat who calls the English teacher Daddio."—The Noise - Boston

" Sax-, guitar-, and organ-driven instrumentals inspired by R&B, rock, and surf combos of the 50s and 60s. Available for dances, parties, beer blasts, weddings, and Tijuana divorces."—Boston Phoenix

" Look, if you were to go to every Goodwill, garage sale, miser's attic, and boutique vinyl store in the metro area you might squander endless time and money...Why bother---when it's all here? "—The Noise - Boston

" It don't get cooler than this! "—

" The Electrolux Combo - Beat Party! **** Excellent party sounds, and just good fun any time. "Buzzsaw Twist" is worth the price of admission all by itself. "—

" It sounds like you're at some swinging '60s key party, but with no lyrics to complicate things. "—Nikki Luparelli (Steamy Bohemians) Worcester Telegram and Gazette

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